Neurotransmitters 002 – ADJ

Neurotransmitters 002
ADJ - Addy Jaggers
Live Premiere: Thursday, June 25, 4 PM EST

Andy Jaggers aka ADJ, a London native, is at the cutting edge of music, whether spinning his unique sounds seamlessly on the decks, producing Giltchy Bass driven Electro or Deep Electronica, running a label that releases forward thinking unreleased artists or hosting Underground Parties with unique and fresh artists and DJs.

Playing Underground Electronic Music for over 30 years as a DJ, starting in the days of Early Electro and Hip Hop, he has also been producing and releasing music for over 20 years, releasing nearly 200 tracks in this time on a plethora of labels including Andrea Parker’s Touchin Bass, Ai, Outside USA, Cultivated Electronics, Section 27, Yellow Machines, Crobot Muzik – Croatia (with Advent), Battery Park – Germany, Kidnapping Netlabel – Argentina, Interakt, Shameless Toady, District 6, Open Mind, Electro Compendium, Digital Distortions and has done remixes for Flint Kids, Scanone, Ed Chamberlain, Sync 24, Lifecycle.

He has recently released a 5 track EP on Digital Distortions and been part of the Sectioned 5 Compilation on Section 27 and has forthcoming vinyl releases on Outside’s new Electro Compilation and a remix of La Synthesis coming out on Detuned (France) alongside Plaid, Silicon Scally, Ian O’Brien and Terrace.

During the 90’s he ran the famous IQ Record store in London which became a mecca for Underground Techno/Electro/Electronica fans from as far away as Brazil and Australia, where IQ was voted in the Top 10 Record Shops in the world for all genres in Muzik mag. He also created music for commercials featuring Manga animations. In 1995 and 1996 he organized the Techno/Electro Festivals called The Future (Normandy, France) hosting Underground Artists and Dj’s. So much of what we understand as electro today comes from Andy’s life work.

ADJ´s sets have also gotten media acclaim with Vice Magazine and Muzik Mag featuring London’s top labels and DJs where he was featured in both categories.
Also during the 90’s ADJ toured the US several times with the Outside Records crew and the ELM crew from LA and played for the famous Infiltrate parties, an anti Miami WMC event run by the Underground artists from Miami, including Phoenicia/Soul Oddity (Schematics, Warp), Otto Von Shirach, Richard Devine, Tipper/Crunch and European Electro Artist Anthony Rother. Around this time he was interviewed for 2 Documentaries about Electro Music in the US, Electro Djziska and Darkbeat, where he was credited with spreading the Nu Electro sound and dubbed ‘The Worldwide Ambassador of Electro ‘.

As a DJ, he has played at festivals including BLOC 5 times, Glastonbury For BLOC, Bestival, Shambala.He is a regular DJ on the Underground Electro/Electronica Scene and is Resident at Dodo Club and Frequency Resonate nights in London as well as playing in Berlin, Zagreb, Athens, Napoli, Brussels, Budapest, Vienna, Sofia.

He has run the Pyramid Transmissions Record label with label partner Pathic for 15 years and also ran the Analogique record label for 5 years from 1995-2000 releasing Techno, Electro and Electronica as 3 Elements.

In 2012 he released the ‘Hand of Mysteries’ LP on Outside USA and Tron EP on Outside, both releases were Number 1 and 2 in Additech’s sales chart for all genres for 2 weeks.

ADJ is currently working on several projects, including analogue live sets based on a 303 and 808 alongside a collaboration with the 4 x DMC World Scratch Champion Mr Switch who he performed a 3 deck Nu Electro Scratch set with at Corsica Studios in London recently. He also runs the Dodo Club with Plaid as residents and also Frequency Resonate events in London.

He has provided Serotonin with a deep and dark explorations of the future of electro in this Neurotransmitters Mix. Its a privilege to be able to share it with you as the second installment in our series.