Neurotransmitters 06 – Drox


Neurotransmitters 006
DJ Drox
Live Premiere: Thursday, October 29th, 4 PM EST

Drox has built his own niche as one of Sydney’s most distinctive and respected mavens of electronic music. A DJ, live act and producer, Drox has honed his sound and formidable production skills for over a decade, both solo and as part of the Analog Cabin collective, establishing a reputation as a stellar music maker, selector and collector with impeccable taste in beat science.

Drox’s music can be described as heavily influenced by electro, and indeed electro – past and present and in all its many forms – is one of his primary inspirations. But that is only one part of the picture. Techno, house, dub, ambient, experimental and all manner of deep electronic music are integral to his sound, and it’s not easy to file him under any one genre – nor any one style or mode of production, as he writes and records with both analogue and digital gear. ?
Drox’s sound and skill has led to gigs supporting internationals including Mike Huckaby (R.I.P.) and Hieroglyphic Being. He has been featured at festivals and weeklies including Subsonic Music Festival, Alien, Electrofringe, Nightime Drama and Church of Techno. Drox has had releases on Southern Outpost/Datadisk, Crobot Muzik, Nightime Drama and his own Analog Cabin. His tracks have earned praise from Vince Watson, Iron Curtis, DJ Bone and Neville Watson.

TRACKLIST (click to buy)

1. Stupid Wanker – Jake Slazenger [Clear]
2. Left Hand Drive – Chester Louis III [Devon Records]
3. Abele Dance (’85 Remix) – Manu Dibango [Celluloid]
4. B-Boyonik – Bassing Guild [Super Rhythm Trax]
5. Automation – The Hacker ?[Bass Agenda]
6. Wipe the Needle – Ragga Twins [Shut Up And Dance]
7. In Touch – BlakTony [Bass Agenda]
8. Resynth – Sync 24 [Cultivated Electronics]
9. Move Your Feet (Don’t Stop Now) (In Da Mix Version) – Juanito (FX) [Funky Mix]
10. The Spores Are Coming – 214 [Anti-Social Network]
11. Reality Zone – Low Tape [Nerang Recordings]
12. Unreleased – Drox
13. OFI – Model 500 [R&S]
14. By Your Command – Code Rising [Monotone]
15. The Party (Y2K Mix) – DJ Marquis [Upstart]
16. Down in the Dale – Def Bass Krew [City Sounds]
17. Funky Detune – Low Tape [Nerang Recordings]
18. It’s on and Poppin (Drox Inst edit) – Booty Hop DJ’s [Classified Records]
19. Claptrap – Joe [Hessle Audio]
20. Everything Is Done (feat. Lasznikoff) – Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais [Pinkman]
21. Tatooine Sunset – Tusken Raiders [Clear]
22. Unreleased – Terrestrial Access Network
23. Rasta Than The Speed – Jamaican Quad Squad [Con Artist]
24. Computor Shock (Vocal) – Computor Rockers [Breakin]
25. Generator – Club Cab [Club Designs]
26. Je Weet Toch – DJ Technician [RotterHague Records]
27. GRB 990123 – DJ Guy [Organic Analogue]
28. Update My Programme – Go Nuclear [Bass Agenda]
29. Feminine Energy – Club Cab [Club Designs]
30. Drive (I-75) – Aaron-Carl [Wallshaker]
31. Skunk Mixx – DJ Laxxiste A [Natural Sciences]
32. Balath – Luke Vibert [De:tuned]
33. Take Your Mind – Drexciya [Submerge]