Neurotransmitters 08 – Textasy


Neurotransmitters 08
Live Premiere:
Thursday, February 17th 5 PM EST

New sound has made an impression on the techno scene with strong traction growing internationally. Since relocating to Berlin a few years back, he has pushed the envelope of conventional electronic music by drawing on youthful obsessions with Miami bass, Ghetto-tech and UK Rave culture, and cross pollenating these genres creating a new futuristic branch of bass music that is all his own.

A flurry of EPs released on E-Beamz, Craigie Knowes and Natural Sciences pays homage to his versatility of mixes show casing his talent in creating an easy fluidity between genres while simultaneously redefining them at the same time. Further evidence of his extensive creativity; Textasy also runs his label FTP (FreiTanzPlatten), a label which has developed a cult following since the few years of its inception, whose sound of production and style of mixing has proliferated across the club spectrum. Through which his ‘no genre restrictions’ policy also reverberates the rarely trodden path of what is considered the ‘purist ghettotech’ route, all whilst surfing the wave of breakneck electro championed by the likes of DJ Stingray, Nina Kravitz and many others adopting his new sound into current mixes.

His unique soundtrack is one that has him currently placed as one of the finest recent hardcore producers. With his brave sound challenging current trends, he is charting a course through previously unexplored territory whilst simultaneously deprogramming culture and creating a foothold in the industry with fan base destined to grow and thrive


volruptus – hard shit alternate
skanna – night stalker (remix)
??? – be nuttin without the 313 (dry mix)
swift – gang related
michael foresaw – harder + faster
greenwald – fat back
wachita china – madafaker
turk turkleton – power play
trauma dolls – rambla de raval
the tuss – shiz ko e
peggs – scutterfly
666uba – axe somebody
dj ss – rollidge
7th globes – doom choir
wachita china – tokyo ghetto
greenwald – fresh
synapse – the freak
dj smurf- shake it
dj funk – pump that shit up
a town playaz – wassup wassup (textasy remix)
kosmodod – skynsemi
dj-cp pakichan fia
ksetdex – everywhere I go
??? – Pac’s break remaster
michael forshaw – harder + faster
ppalace – fo da head
swift – gang related
dj-cp – pakichan fia
wachita china – g1rlz from the neighborhood
greenwald – fat back
hermeth – lost my meth
wachita china – madafaker